About Andy

headshot of Andy Fitzgerld

I am a user experience architecture and design consultant. I make complex information systems clear and easy to use. My goal is to make the unwieldy intuitive, to find elegant solutions to complex problems, and to engage in purpose-driven work that produces practical results.


I have been designing for digital communication since 2005. Since then, I've held permanent information architecture, interaction design, research, and director positions at the University of Washington, Übermind, Deloitte Digital, and Frog. During that time I have worked with clients of all sizes in healthcare, education, transportation, retail, media, and government to create flexible structures for understanding in the connected environment.

I started Andy Fitzgerald Consulting, LLC in 2016 in order to work directly with clients on strategic, high impact projects that solve specific problems for businesses and users.

Skills & Expertise

Over the course of my career I have honed a set of diverse and complementary user-centered design practices. Whether as an individual contributor or as a team leader, I tailor my design approach to the performance needs of my client and the experience needs of their users. Common workstreams include:

  • Contextual inquiry, user interviewing, competitive analysis, heuristic analysis
  • Systems, domain, and content modeling; taxonomy creation; navigation design; CMS architecture
  • Digital ecosystem mapping, user journey mapping, persona & user scenario creation, wireframing, motion design
  • Low-fidelity, interactive, and HTML & CSS prototyping; usability test planning; local & remote test moderation; test results analysis & synthesis


"Andy is an outstanding designer and person. It's hard to quantify the value he added to our studio and Andy continues to be one of the greatest mentors I've ever had. As an associate creative director and UX competency lead, Andy relentlessly advocated for user-centered-design on all studio endeavors. He gave the UX department a strong voice in the company, and always lead by example."

Jacob Farney, UX Design Lead, Mentor

"Andy was one of the first people I met at Deloitte Digital, and he quickly became my best resource. His passion for content strategy and user experience is enhanced by his insatiable drive to learn and then apply - the books he suggested to me are a content strategy class in themselves. His patience, humor, and flexibility helped to keep me and the UX team focused on the content and the customer while responding to an ever-changing environment. I appreciated his leadership, and would jump at the chance to work with him again."

Turi Henderson, UX Writer & Content Strategist, Deloitte Digital

"Andy is one of those systems thinkers with a diamond-saw for a mind. He's great at finding the fundamental patterns, the underlying structures, and the repeatable themes that gives a good system solution its legs. On top of being a design contributor, Andy can also lead tough design discussions; he wears his authority in a way that inspires confidence, calms nerves, and instills respect."

Matt Conway, Creative Director, Frog Design